Pink Maggit

17 November, 2011

I’ll set you on fire, cause I’m… on… fire.



21 October, 2011

If it’s all about the money, then things would be so easy, so simple. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Losing a father

12 October, 2011

It’s sucks. You should try to understand him before he leaves you, well, for good.

In other words,

6 October, 2011

Stay green. Stay clueless.

That’s why nobody ever really listen to you.


24 September, 2011


Has it been a year? I cant see much here in darkness.

Good Quotes

10 August, 2010

I just realized that I’ve made lots of good quotes.

Then I spent them all on facebook walls.


The Acakadut

2 July, 2010

The Acakadut is.. err.. Indonesian version of Ankysocial. Thanks to millions twitter users that took my concept of expressing yourself with couple sentences.

Made me feels jobless.

Tryer slash dreamer

13 April, 2010

It’s probably true that you’re a dreamer. But are you also a tryer?

How if

16 November, 2009

Your solution is FAKE?